Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Best of Creation

By: Ameena Ansari
Contents from: IslamicPoetry

I was looking for a Hero,
to admire and follow,
When I found myself in the Prophet's city,
And my journey toward Allah began.

The cool breeze of Medinah was like Da'wa
Calling me, inviting me
To visit the Best of Creation.
I am not worthy of this blessing,
I tell myself again and again.

His conduct was the Quran,
And I am merely a stumbling,
Human embodiment of broken efforts.

It was a long road to learn this simple lesson.
The path to Allah is through His Prophet.
My journey towards You Allah,
Begins with the Seerah of my Hero.

And since I love you Allah, I will follow Your Messenger.
I will love Your Messenger, when I study his Life.
When I love his Life, I will embody his Sunnah.

The Sunnah of the Chosen One.
The One who established the Din.
The Ambassador of Allah,
The Teacher, the Warner,
The Exemplar,
The Best of Creation, Muhammad.
(Sallullaho'Alayhi Wassallam)

Submitted April 28, 2006